Why Outsource your CFO position?

Full Financial Management

A CFO sets up the framework that generates information on the health and future preparedness of a company and its projects. This expertise is fundamental for any business wanting to maintain a strategic, forward-looking financial outlook whilst optimising company profits. Through outsourcing this role, the employees and director leadership in your company can continue to concentrate on the core business vision and operation.

Time & Resource Saving

A firm financial grounding is critical for any business. However, given their sizing, a full-time CFO is a high and often unnecessary expense for the majority of SMEs. Outsourcing the position therefore enables you to focus your efforts on reaching your company’s vision and long-term strategic goals, whilst at the same time maintaining absolute security in your financial position.

Our   Services:

Company Development

Picture the scene:

Previously, the financial management of your business was simple – as a new company, your financial risk was low. However, your company is growing, and your current financial management system is starting to show its limits:

- Errors taking place within order and payment tracking.

 - Little visibility of cash, and a lack of quality financial information for leadership decisions.

- Weak financial analyses mean that areas of opportunity are not being realised, and profit is not being effectively managed.

- Resource is not available to dedicate to improving company financial understanding.

The development of your company introduces an equally significant financial risk. Our external CFO supports your business growth, ensuring meaningful financial choices are made to best prepare for current and future strategic plans.

Company Projects

Picture the scene

Your company is undertaking an increasing number of projects but owing to a l ack of financial management and control, is unsure of their exact returns.

Project analyses are based on assumptions that do not contain intricate financial data within them, and thus are at risk of not reaching their promised profitability, or even becoming unprofitable.

The implementation of a project should depend on its financial risk and return. During project development, our CFO carries out a detailed analysis of the project's projected profitability based on expected return calculations.

This study is critical for a proper risk and opportunity assessment, which in turn is fundamental for project choice optimisation.

Company Restructuring

Picture the scene:

Your company is in a difficult situation where radical changes are needed in order for your business to return to financial health.

Questions arise:  Where do you start? What should you focus on? Which actions will have the least impact on your employees and business, whilst still creating much-needed financial benefit?

Working with our external CFO ensures:

- Decisions are made impartially, based solely on the best outcome for the company

- Previous financial management can be intricately analysed, to reveal the full extent of impact on the current situation

- Solutions and recommendations for restructuring into a financially reliable organisation can be proposed based on industry expertise and knowledge

Tasks include (but are not limited to): margin setting, cash optimisation, reporting and financial dashboard creation and management, development and investment strategies, functional organization processes, stakeholder and team training, ERP implementation, scope and procedure definement, business-specific customisation, consolidation and verification, operational maintenance. 

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