Companies are increasingly realising the benefits of outsourcing certain functions.  In moving areas such as book-keeping, payroll, and other administrative tasks under external management, businesses are saving time and money that can be put to better use elsewhere in their organisation.

The same applies to the outsourcing of financial activities that – though critical to your business – are equally cost and resource demanding . External financial management can help in a number of ways, from project business planning to over-arching administrative financial support, even including venture capitalism. 

Through outsourcing certain of your financial functions, you can continue to innovate, manage, and grow your company , secure in the knowledge and partnership of Falinwa’s financial expertise

What your FTF Offers:

Developing Business Plans

Business plans are created and realised quickly and efficiently through Falinwa’s financial and local expertise

Falinwa provides both financial and local expertise, ensuring business plans are designed through a dedicated partner, considering areas such as:

-    Risk and cost of the project

-    Allocation of resources

-    Development strategy

-    Integration into parent company (where applicable)

The goal of the business plan is to better define your project in line with your company’s specific requirements, provide financial feasibility, and deliver a solid legal framework.

This enables you to move forwards with realistic and financially beneficial business investments.

Note: In Hong Kong, a business plan is also required to obtain an "investment" visa.

Funding Opportunities

Dedicated assistance is provided in choosing the best funding opportunities based on your company’s requirements

In conjunction with your company's needs, Falinwa study financing opportunities such as:

Cash flow
As the initial investment needed to start your project is readily available, cash flow requires rigorous financial management from the start.

Your firm can benefit from businesses in similar fields integrating your project into their scope. This combines expertise, cuts costs, and streamlines advancements.

Through investing, interested parties can exchange financing for agreed company share. This often results in a quick and meaningful cash influx.

Note: in Hong Kong and China, it can be difficult for foreigners to obtain bank financing.

Administrative Support

Falinwa removes administrative procedures th at are slowing down your organisation's momentum

Falinwa offers both financial and administrative support, including (but not limited to):

- Work visas

- Residence permits

- Company registration (specifically within China or Hong Kong)

Oftentimes these are difficult, repetitive - yet necessary - tasks that take up valuable company time and resources.

Other times these are tasks that are new to your ever-growing company, and thus you lack knowledge around local practices, administrative techniques, or best practice.

Whatever your situation, Falinwa can support in removing both expected and unforeseen barriers, allowing your company to continue to thrive.

Venture Capital Partnerships

Falinwa invites you to integrate your capital in exchange for financial contribution expertise and initial investment 

Based on your company’s specific partnership requirements, Falinwa proposes development arrangements based on the following principles:

Your input
Technical and company-specific knowledge alongside an initial share contribution.

Our input 

Financial expertise, detailed field knowledge, alongside an initial share contribution

Shareholder input
The acquisition in the company depends on the share of investment in time and money into the project. This is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Note: If a project requires a substantial initial investment, Falinwa may seek multiple partners.