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What is it like to work at Falinwa Group?

Diversity of Opportunity

We offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, to develop and to be part an existing experience and team

A Global Career

With three branches scattered around the world, grow yourself to the next level  

Reward and Recognition

We always appreciates every contribution that has been made 

Non-discrimination Policy

Every voices in the company is valued equally, regardless of race, gender, background or position

Values are our bedrock

We upholds the values of togetherness




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我们是一支充满激情朝气磅礴的团队!我们的愿景是试图通过构建一个具有颠覆意义的软件系统, 这样一个具有颠覆意义的产品!以此提升各位在座的每一位女士先生们 的生活品质, 来解决各位在商业活动中遇到的诸多问题!