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Outsourced Financial Services

We have 15 experienced technical consultants, 20 functional & finance consultants. Want to join us?

It is most useful to implement an external CFO as soon as possible, so that they can be with your company from inception in order to better understand the situation, and quickly recommend beneficial actions.

For example; you have created an SME. Currently it is without financial direction, but owing to its early status, there is no urgent need for such at this moment.

This is the ideal time to make use of an external CFO. Through non-emergency collaboration Falinwa establishes a strong foundation of:

•        Financial management for your business
     Staff well-trained in management tools
     Knowledge of the company and areas of alignment or improvement 

However, the requirement also arises when a company’s financial risk increases, either through project development, restructuring, or rapid growth. These are critical times in a company’s lifecycle where expert knowledge and financial grounding are fundamental to success.

Here, Falinwa implements:

·         Financial expertise and business management
·         Forward-looking recommendations

·         Fast, dedicated advice catered to your company’s individual situation     


What is the difference between an accountant and a CFO

Although the two functions are complementary - and often essential for SMEs - there are critical differences between what the roles offer.

Accountant : A legal speaker. The accountant monitors the financial situation of a company and is responsible for auditing and reporting

CFO: A strategic speaker. The CFO develops the over-arching financial management of a company providing an analytical view of both its current and future requirements in order to remain financially  robust and prepared for growth

Odoo & Cluedoo

The cost of Odoo can be split into 3 categories: license fees, integration fees, server fees. For each category, the cost will depend on your choices.

Odoo License fees: using Odoo Enterprise offers you more features but comes at the price of a license fee per application and per seat. You can calculate the fees based on your needs at this link. Odoo Community is free.

Integration fees: highly depends on your business needs, the time needed for the training and configuration of master data. At Falinwa we can provide a full range of services including quick start pack starting at 20 000$.

Server fees: if you host your Odoo instance online, you need to rent a server, the price will depend on your location and the provider (, OVH, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Aws, Google cloud, Aliyun,  etc). If you decide to host the system on your server, you only need to pay for the hardware you buy.

Cluedoo License fees: .

For the majority of users, a quick-start based on the most common modules (Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, etc.) is possible within one week.
Note that each company has different needs for their departments owing to the nature of their business though, and this is therefore open to change.

If your company follows the standard Odoo system without additional specifications, then a considerably amount of time can be saved. However, we recommended training sessions on-site, and remote maintenance later to support users with their understanding.

Falinwa has over thirteen years of experience responding to business problems, requirements, and adaptations. During this time, over 400 Odoo-suitable modules have been created to streamline companies’ interaction with the system. The majority of these have been shown to be highly transferrable to other businesses.

Thus, Cluedoo modules were born from one of Falinwa’s visions: to enhance organisations’ Odoo experience 

What is Cluedoo Subscription?
Cluedoo Full Package is part of our new pricing model. Instead of buying modules one by one you can subscribe to them and get all the updates.

Oftentimes, client’s needs and requirements evolve throughout the process. When this happens, our technical team in Indonesia allows us to limit the budget impact of these changes to a minimum.

Odoo is suitable for all companies. At Falinwa in particular we specialise in small to medium businesses, including manufacturing, trading, service, restaurant, and property management companies.