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Create a many2one field and get the 1st line from one2many/many2many/json field to consider as the main one

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Odoo has multiple types of linked fields, which allows you to have different type of relationships: many2one, one2many, many2many, etc.

However, with the one2many or many2many relationship, we cannot easily make the search or group by information.

Odoo 16 Update
For analytics field (analytic_distribution), Odoo uses JSON instead of x2many.


Cluedoo considers the first line in the relation one2many/many2many as the default main line.

With this module, we can easily create a many2one field with Studio, as well as get the data from the first line in the above mentioned fields. By doing this, we can extract information, make filters, and group easily.

Odoo 16 update
Cluedoo creates an engine to convert data from a JSON field (ie: analytic_distribution) to a many2x field.


Install on 100% of your database as it is a useful tool for data management.

Want to get Clued into Cluedoo? 


X2many function

1. In Developer Mode, by using Studio, add many2one field and select the relation (example: Sales Order Lines).

2. In the field settings, we can make a relation to a one2many object. The new field will automatically have Python code and a computed field.

3. The new field will take the first record of the one2many object.

JSON function 

1. On a Sales Order, in Developer Mode (by using Studio), click on Order Lines and click "Edit List View". 

2. Drag "Many2one" to add a new field in the Order Lines.

3. On the Field Properties wizard, select an analytic relation (example: "Analytic Account") and confirm.

4. Now an "Analytic Account" field is added as a column. Select "More" to edit this field.

5. Select the Main Record of JSON as "Analytic (Sales Order Line)". Advanced properties will automatically be updated.

Save and close Studio.

6. Create a new Sales Order and assign analytic accounts to the order line.
The "Analytic Account" field we created will take the first record of the "Analytic" field.