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Approval rules group management

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Odoo's studio allows customizing approval process of Sales, Purchase, Accounting, etc. according to company policy.


Cluedoo adds additional features to personalize approval workflow by:
- Managing approval rules by groups and option to specify a hierarchical approval procedure
- Recording approval histories
- Adding a button to revoke the whole approval sequence


Company needs to setup approval rules on purchasing as below:
- For RFQ under $1000, needs approval from Department Manager to confirm RFQ.
- For RFQ from $1000, needs approval from Department Manager, then Accounting Manager, to confirm RFQ.


Create Approval Rules
There are 2 ways to create Approval Rules:

- By studio

- By go to Studio Approval Rules

Option 1: By studio

1. Open an RFQ in studio, click on Confirm button to edit
2. Check "Set approval rules" checkbox

3. Select Approval Group and Responsible person for the Rule 
(note: Any users in the selected Approval Group can approve the rule, but only Responsible will be notified for the scheduled activities) 

4. Add condition for the rule by clicking on the Funnel icon next to Approval Group box

5. Close Studio.


Option 2: By go to Studio Approval Rules 

User can also view/create new Approval Rules by activating developer mode, then go to Settings/Technical/Studio Approval Rules.

For the use case, 3 rules were created:
- For RFQ under $1000, rule (5). 
- For RFQ from $1000, rule (3) and (4).

At this step, the rules are still separate rules.


Approval Rules Group

To group the rules created above


1. Go to Settings/Technical/Studio Approval Rules Group, and create a new Group
2. Fill out Group name

3. Select Model (Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.)

4. Add a line to select the created rules to the Group. Popup wizard will suggest rules related to the selected model only.

5. "Approve in Order" check box:
- If not checked, approvals can be done in any order.
- If checked, approvals need to be done in chronological order, from the top to bottom rules in the list. (For example, Accounting Mgr. cannot approve before Dept Mgr. approves)  
Note: User can change the order by dragging the arrow handle next to the rules.