Planning to resource timesheets

Create Timesheet on posted planning

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Odoo behavior

Odoo's "Timesheet" and "Planning" are two essential modules for managing , respectively, human and material resources in every organization.

Cluedoo behavior

Cluedoo can help creating the timesheet for any shift from "Planning" with one single click.

Cluedoo recommendation

100% recommended for one whom uses "Planning" module.

To add a planning to timesheet

Step 01:

Create a new shift for the resource in "Planning -> NEW".

Now add a shift normally. Fill in the form for:

  • Resource
  • Date
  • Project

  • Then click on the yellow button to set up the resource if it has not been configured.

Step 02:

Make sure the resource is set up correctly by checking "Create Planning Timesheet Material".

Then "SAVE & CLOSE".

  • If a resource is already set up, you don't have to do this step.

Step 03:

When you are ready to add the shift to the resource's timesheet, click "POST"


One new line is added to the timesheet, corresponding to the posted planning shift.