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6.00 6.00 6.0 USD





Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

30 天退款保证
现在购买,2 天内到货

Story behind the feature

Odoo behavior

A product has a price defined by the system that a salesperson can modify without any constraint.

cluedoo BEHAVIOR

A product has a price and a range. So, the salesperson can still modify the initial price but HAS to be in the defined range.

module +

Salespeople keep the flexibility of the system because they can modify the unit price but not only in a predefined range of negotiation.

cluedoo recommendation

When the unit price is defined at each quotation, it gives a controlled flexibility to sales department in order to move forward on quotation without requiring the manager approval at each step.

Our features as solution

Setting Salesman Maximum Price Reduction 
(Notification Below Minimum Price) 


Setting Salesman Maximum Price Increment 
(Notification Above Maximum Price) 

User sales can click Propose button for manager approval 

User manager can click Manager Confirm to confirm sale order 

How to use this module

Step 1

Go to Settings > user & companies > user. Create User sales: user All Documents. Checklist Discount on lines 

Step 2

Go to Sales, create price-list and add an items, then click save  

Step 3

Choose apply on, choose compute price (Formula), add minimum sales price. Here we set 20% for Salesman Maximum Price Reduction. 

Step 4

User sales: All Documents or Own Documents Only 

  1. Go to Sales > orders > quotations. Create quotation, select price list, add an item, and give the discount more than 20%.  

Step 5

  1. There is warning “Below Minimum Price!” then click ok 

Step 6

  1. Then click Confirm Sale, there is warning “Propose Quotation?” because there is an order line with discount more than 20%, then click button Propose. 

Step 7

  1. User: Salesman cannot see Confirm Sale
    User: Sales Manager can see Confirm Sale button

Step 8

  1. There is warning “Propose quotation?” , click on Manager Confirm 

Step 9

  1. The quotation status is Sales Order now but the order line that is over sale minimum price is marked by red color. 

Step 10

  1. Same process when selling price is above maximum price