Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

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    Supplier Relationship Management

    Manage and maintain your relationship with supplier 

    Story behind this module

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    Our feature as solution

    SRM Pipeline View

    Purchase Team

    Create proposal

    How to use this module ?


    Create Purchase Agreement

    Employee create Purchase Agreement without putting any Vendor


    From this Agreement, many proposals from different vendors can be created

    Purchase Team Choose Best Proposal 

     Purchase team can choose the best proposal for that agreement and mark as won then start to create RFQ 

    On SRM > Configuration > Settings, we can have Proposals option to add a qualification step before creating an agreement


    On Purchase Teams, we can create a purchase team and set it to be shown on Proposals and on Pipeline


    On Proposals menu, we can create a proposal. Give proposal name, set purchase team and fill other information


    If we convert to agreement, it will show the wizard and we can set other information such as Responsible and Purchase Team, then click create agreement.

    After clicking Create Agreement, you can find it on Pipeline.