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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

In Odoo, you can easily create Export list from any object but you do not have a tool to manage all the list of exportations. 

cluedoo behavior

Cluedoo add in Dashboard apps a menu "Export list" which gives the possibility to manage all the export lists form a view, delete them, change the sequence, delete fields and even add fields from subtable which seems not available in the Odoo Export engine.

In addition, Cluedoo gives the possibiliy to export data from any object instead of going to each object one by one.



After installing this module, you can get some export list template from Cluedoo in order to get list for advanced report on sales, purchase, invoice, accounting.

business case

A manufacturing customer wanted to export the Structure of BOM with 7 levels of BOM. It implied to call on the export list the 7th sublevel of the parent BOM, which is not possible with Odoo Export engine but possible with Cluedoo menu.

cluedoo recommendation

To be installed on 100% of the database.


Our features as solution

Create Your Own Reports

Create Export List

Export on export data

How to use this module ?

Create Export List 
- Name
        : Fill with report name   
- Model
       : Choose model you want to export   
- Resource
 : Name of the model   
- Fields
          : Choose data you want to export     
          : You can open the model to see fields exist
Go to Export Data menu > export data
Export Your Export List Template   
File Format
    : You can choose EXCEL or CSV Format  
              : Choose Model you want to export  
        : Choose your export list template 
                  : Add filter you want to add   
                 : Start date 
                       : End date