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Version: V12
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Sales with Minimum Sale Price

Approval for Sales Order when the products price is minimum

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : a product has a price defined by the system that a salesperson can modify without any constraint.

Falinwa behavior : a product has a price and a range. So, the salesperson can still modify the initial price but HAS to be in the defined range.

Module + : salespeople keep the flexibility of the system because they can modify the unit price but not only in a predefined range of negotiation.

Falinwa recommendation : when the unit price is defined at each quotation, it gives a controlled flexibility to sales department in order to move forward on quotation without requiring the manager approval at each step.

The features

Set minimum price for product or product category

On the pricelist, you can set minimum sale price per product or product category or global.

Assign Pricelist to Customer

You also can set different minimum price for different Customer.


On multi-company environtment, you can set different the minimum price for same product or product category.

Colored lines for minimum price

Warning when price below minimum

Waiting manager approval state

Sales Process with Customer Sales Restriction

with minium price

salesman propose
Waiting Manager Approval

manager approve
Sales Order

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