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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

For service product, the invoice control can be done only on ordered quantity for 100%. It's not possible to plan the invoice based on a milestone validation and not easy to simply invoice an order line in %.

cluedoo behavior

By adding the notion of invoice term, each sales order line can have the list of milestone and the milestone validation will automatically generate the related invoice.

business case

In some sales cases, we usually have payment terms split into several payment, such as Payment I : 30%, Payment II : 50%, Payment III : 20%. How to make it? How can we know how much %, we already invoiced?
The answer is Invoice milestone. We can split the invoice, schedule it, and control the % invoiced.

Our features as solution

Extend Sales to have
Invoice Milestone menu

How to use this module ?

User: Advisor


Go to Sales > Configuration > Invoice Term


Add Invoice Term Name, select type, add an item product, input the percentage term, and set the invoice date term, then save.


Display invoice term line on invoice milestone.

User: Advisor


On Analytic Account add the Invoice Term.

User: Sales


Create Quotation, select customer, click add an item.


On order lines, select product, add unit price, select analytic account, then the Invoice Term and Invoice Milestone line displayed automatically, click Save & Close.


Click confirm.


After confirm the sale order, the invoice will be created with the same date as the invoice term date.


The invoice is created automatically based on invoice term template.

User: Finance


Go to Accounting > Customer Invoices > click on the invoice.


Validate the first invoice.


Then click register payment.