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Story behind the features 


Odoo does not propose any solution for purchase subscription. 


Falinwa standard extends the notion of subscription to purchase. You can record your purchase subscription in order to get automatically the monthly invoices and/o to follow-up the contract renewal.


Thanks to automatic reminder, you do no more miss an automatic renewal of a contract without notice (and without negotiation).

By using the purchase subscription, all the vendor bills are created from a source document and not from scratch which ensures a proper commitment of the related expense.
  • Installation : 100% of the database.

  • Recommendation / Best practice : to be used for all the recurring contract with supplier, whatever if the frequency is once a month or once a year. 

Our features as solution

Create Request for Quotation then

click button Purchase Subscription

Subscription for Purchase created auto-

matically on Purchase Subscription Menu

How to use this module ?

Step 1:

Go to Purchase, create products example: Service AC


Odoo • Text and Image

Step 2:

Create Requests for Quotation > select vendor > select date > add an item product > click purchase subscription button


Odoo • Text and Image

Step 3:

On purchase subscription wizard, add interval and select interval unit type (days, weeks, months, years) > click save


Odoo • Text and Image

Step 4:

Then the subscription for purchase order created automatically


Odoo • Text and Image


Odoo • Text and Image