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Version: V12
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Story behind the features


A purchase order has a lot of fields, but it's difficult to find key information like what it is / what is the original signed document.


To ensure good communication with supplier, the added the following information :
- Title : to ensure an explicit communication with your supplier and not a communication based on document number that the supplier does not know (and does not care about)
- Attachment : to track all the signed quotation and/or supplier purchase order and ensure that you have a contractual document for all the purchase order your are working on.
- Contact : to split the notion of contact vs company. In practice, with Odoo standard, people take the habit to only give the company and never the contact because you have the choice and end-user is not sure about which partner to give (company or contact). By splitting in 2 fields, purchase staff will give the two names.
- Archive : to keep clean the list view and hide all the closed purchase order.


Strongly improve the management of your RFQ and purchase order.


We install this module on 100% of our database. Very useful to improve communication with supplier and avoid a communication based on quotation number. However, we recommend to define internally the process about how to use these fields (How to give a title, Which attachment to add,...).

Our features as solution

Purchase Order : Title, Contact, Attachment, Archive

How to use this module ?

Step 1:

On RFQ or Purchase Order form view, you can see the additional fields: Title, Contact Person, Supplier Quotation Attachment.

Step 2:

And on list view, you can also see Title and Contact Person field.

Step 3:

The title is also displayed when you send the invoice, on the Subject and on the file.

Step 4:

We also can archive the RFQ.