Procurement Request Management

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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


To purchase new products, Odoo proposes to make a purchase order or a call to tender (RFQ) to the suppliers directly - which implies that we already know the suppliers and have purchase access rights.


You can make a request (a procurement request) for a product without making an official RFQ which requires the information on supplier and price. You only need to know which product you want to buy and how many of it. Then, it's the purchase department's responsibility to place an order to the supplier based on this information.


A must to split the notion of procurement request from RFQ (quotation) for all the companies, and especially for the factories, where the workshop people know the needs (ie. product + quantity) and the purchase department knows the conditions (ie. supplier & price).


The workshop manager needs some tools for his workshop. He directly makes a procurement request in the system. Then the purchase department receives the request and can make the order to the supplier.


Installation: all the companies which make advanced purchases.

Recommendation / Best practice: with this module, all the procurement request - even of office stuff - can be done by any employee (with enough access right) to the purchase department. By doing so, you can track the origin of a demand for any purchase, which is a key info in terms of traceability.

Our features as solution

Request a product through Procurement Request menu
or directly on Product

On Odoo default, when a user ask for a product, he/she create a Request for Quotation (RFQ) even for non purchase staff,
which means other employee need to have a purchaser access right, which is not correct. with this modules,
employee can make a procurement request through the menu or directly from the product.

Odoo Users
reate Request

Validated by Manager


Purchase Order

How to use this module ?

Easy to use

Users can create Request directly from Product by click on Procurement Request button.

Or create through Procurement Request Menu.

Validate by Approval

All Request should be Validated before create a RFQ.

Supplier To Be Defined or Vendor

Automatic choose vendor that set in the product, or you can use Supplier To Be Define.


You can tract PR number on your Purchase order.