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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


Odoo removed the possibility to merge RFQ and automatically do it when required.

cluedoo BEHAVIOR
You have the possibility under some constraints to merge several RFQ into one in order to organize your purchase order as you wish.

Module +

Purchaser controls how he wants to manage the order with his suppliers.

  • Installation : 100% of the database.
  • Recommendation / Best practice : to be combined with the procurement request module and ensure good task segregation between the one who request and the purchaser who select Supplier + Price.

Our features as a solution

Combine multiple RFQ
or Sale Orders 

How to use this module ?

Step 1:

Go to Purchase > Request for Quotation. On Purchase tree/list view, we are able to merge RFQ with same partner, same currency, and same warehouse. For example, select two RFQs, click Action, Merge Request for Quotations.

Step 2:

When clicking Merge Request for Quotation, it will show the wizard

Merge line Quantity is checked: if the products on the order lines are same, the quantity will be merged become one order line

Merge line Quantity is not checked: if the products on the order lines are same, the quantity will not be merged and it will still have different order lines with the same product.

Step 3:

The status of old RFQs is cancelled. New RFQ is created with new number

Step 4:

RFQs with different partner cannot be merged and it will show the warning message
Also, RFQs that have different warehouse location or different currency cannot be merged.