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Version: V12
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Story behinds the features

odoo behavior

Odoo does not give the possibility to record purchase discount on purchase order line. 

cluedoo BEHAVIOR

In Real Situation, sometimes when we send Purchase Order to the vendor, they ask for Down Payment. With Odoo standard, there’s no such down payment for Purchase and Cluedoo has solution for this issue by creating this module. 
You can create a down-payment invoice from your purchase order.


A must in order to have purchase order which correspond to supplier proposition.

business case:
Business case 1: during negotiation process, you try to get discount and you want to track that in order to analyze purchase results.
Business case 2: discount management on catalog based suppliers. Your supplier have a catalog price and give you a discount based on the price-list: this discount module associated with the supplier price-list module give a full flexibility to manage supplier prices (as Odoo standard propose on customer side). 

cluedoo recommendation

  • Installation : 100% of the database.

Our features as a solution

Create Down Payment in Purchase Order 

How to use this module ?

Step 1

Go to Purchase > Request for Quotation - Create new and check on product if control purchase bills is on received quantities (it must receive product first before create down payment). Then click confirm order 

Step 2

Click on Create Invoice button

Step 3

Select down payment option and add down payment amount/percentage, then click create and view invoices 

Step 4

Click on Validate Invoice then click on Register Payment

Step 4

Vendor bill is paid

Step 5

If user wants to repayment the vendor bill, go to vendor bills-> create vendor bill, select vendor, choose auto-complete with purchase order that needs to be paid, also check the total amount to be paid. Then click validate 

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