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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

The cost of BOM is available in 3 clicks from the product form view and not easy to compare to the cost price and the sales price.

cluedoo behavior

The cost of BOM of the default BOM is given on the product form view with a button to update the cost price based on the cost of BOM and a direct link to the structure & Cost of BOM, give the Cost of BOM as a decomposition of Cost of material - Cost of operation - Cost of scrap and compute the margin (in value and in %) of the product based on the Cost of BOM.

module +

Improve the usability of the cost of BOM in Odoo.

cluedoo recommendation

To be installed on 100% of the database using BOM.

Our features as solution    

Get cost of Bill of Materials.

How to use this module ?


Go to Manufacturing > Master Data > Bill of Materials. Create a Bill of Materials. Check on every component’s cost price, all components must have cost price.



Click ‘Structure & Cost’ and it should show the correct amount of BOM on product



Click ‘Structure & Cost’ and it should show the correct amount of BOM