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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


A partner (company or individual) has the same right whatever if it's a just a prospect with a phone number or a partner with customer/supplier orders.


By putting a qualification process on the partner object, partner object will combine an unqualified partner database with limited quality of inputs and a more limited qualified partner database with high quality information.


This qualification give the possibility to use unqualified partner for marketing and sales purpose (no need to have the bank account to send a newsletter) and to ensure a full partner information as soon as you have contractual relationship with this partner (order, invoice, payment). It avoids conflict between the sales department, pushing for a lot of partner in their database, and finance department, pushing for partner with full information in the partner database.


We recommend to launch the module in phase 2 of integration. It's a big improvement, but quite time consuming to make a full audit of the partner database at the same time than the initial GoLive.

Our features as solution

Qualify your partner with partner profile

Partner from Leads/Opportunity
Complete the
Partner Profile
Make transaction with Qualified Partner

How to use this module ?

A. Set Qualified


Go to Settings app, Users & Companies, Users. Give user Mitchell Admin access to Contact Qualificator.


Login with Mitchell Admin, go to Contacts, and on Kanban view, this user can directly qualify the partner with button.


Now try to qualify the company partner. On form view, this user also has button to qualify the partner.


When click Set Qualified in step 3, it will show the wizard and Mitchell Admin also can fill the information why this partner is qualified, then click Set Qualified.


If a partner who is company is set qualified, the individual partners on that company are also automatically qualified.

B. Set Unqualified


Open a company partner. Click Set Unqualified.


Open a partner of Gemini Furniture company, and click Set Qualified.


Then when you click Set Qualified on the individual partner of Gemini Partner, there is a warning “You cannot make this qualification for this contact, because the company of this contact is not Qualified --> please do the qualification for the company”