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    Story behind the feature

    ODoo behavior
    Odoo manages the serial number but do not propose a simple sticker format to be printed on the final product with the serial number, company info, fixed info and with a barcode or QR code format according to your needs.

    cluedoo behavior

    If you use serial number, you certainly need to put a serial number sticker in classic - barcode/ QR-code format on all your finished products. Cluedoo proposes standard stickers format and propose to print them from one stock move or from a list of stock moves if you prefer to make a mass printing.

    Module +

    Print the sticker for finished products to be delivered out with serial number. Classic and/or QR Code format available.

    CLuedoo Recommendation
    To be installed if printing sticker correspond to your needs.

    Our features as solution

    Print sticker on transfer and quality check

    How to use this module

    Step 1

        Before printing sticker

        Set company info on Settings >Companies > Report Configuration tab

    Step 2

               On Inventory > Configuration > Product Categories, check Finished  Product

    Step 3

       On Product > Inventory tab > Route > Manufacture and Make to Order are checked

    Step 4

    Print on Transfer

      Create sale order using product with operation route Make to Order and Manufacture, then confirm, and production order is created and it has OF number

    Step 5

    Print on Transfer

    It will be able to print: sticker, new sticker, sticker base on sales ref, international sticker with QR code

    Step 6

    Print on Quality Check

        When we click manufacturing order line, we have Quality Checks button box

    Step 7

    Print on Quality Check

    On Quality Check, we also can print the sticker

    Printing Result Example