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Version: V12
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Production Order

Production Order

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior :

Falinwa behavior :

Module + :

Falinwa recommendation :

How To Do

1. Create Production Order and click Create Manufacturing Orders

2. Assign Production Fixed Date

3. Confirm and Reserve Raw Material

4. Quantity available will be filled automatically if production status of sub manufacture of this product has been done.

5. If you reserve raw material, the quantity reserved will be filled automatically.

6. Click Plan to plan production order

7. Then there are two work orders to do, these are manufacturing orders and sub manufacturing orders

8. Start work orders in second line / Sub Manufacturing Orders

9. Select Working Machine and Get Ready

20. Start Working Work Orders

11. Done Work Orders

12. Finished Work Orders

13. Status on Sub Manufacturing Orders is still in progress and if the product is already available then click sub manufacturing orders line

14. Mark As Done Sub Manufacturing Orders

15. Finished Manufacturing Orders

16. Start Work Orders first line / Manufacturing Orders product

17. Select Working Machine and Get Ready work orders

18. Start Working work orders

19. Done Work Orders

20. Finished Work Order

21. Work Orders already finished

22. Status On Manufacturing Orders still in progress and if the product is already available, click manufacturing orders line

23. Mark As Done Manufacturing Orders

24. Finished Manufacturing Orders

25. Production order is Done

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