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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


odoo behavior

if the route is make to order, a sales order line will generate a manufacturing order but this creation is not visible for the salesperson who has no visibility on related manufacturing orders.

Cluedoo Behavior

A sales order line with a make to order manufacturing product will have the production order number and the detail of production advancement directly from the sales order. And reciprocally for production department. This feature strongly improves the communication between sales department and production department.


Give visibility to salespeople about the status of related production order, and so improve the communication between sales department and production.

CLuedoo recommendation

Always installed if you use Production order module (strongly recommended for MRP) with Make to order route.

Our features as solution


Link Sale Order which contains manufactured product to production order 

In Sale Order Line add field contains generated production order 

 In Production Order add fields Sale Order ID and Sale Order Line ID 

How to use this module ?


Step 1

Create sale order, then confirm sale, after that production order ID is created automatically on order lines tab

Step 2

In production order tab, there is production order line

Step 3

Go to Manufacturing, on production order that we created before there is Sale Order ID and Sale Order Line field