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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

 You have each week to select back your project and your tasks, even if you are working on the same one for several weeks.

cluedoo BEHAVIOR
Each employee has a template which can be configured at the beginning then which is dynamically modified based on the previous week


Time-sheet template will help you to plan your weekly work easily

cluedoo's recommendation

We recommend to create 2 templates for each employee. A default template which will be the dynamic template with update of the structure after each time-sheet validation and a generic template which is the initial template to come back on the initial structure. For instance, the default template after 1 week of holidays will have only Holiday line and so the generic template will give back the classic lines of the employee.

Our features as solutions

Create Time-sheet Template 

Select Time-sheet Template on My Time-sheets 

How to use this module ? 

Step 1

Go to Time-sheets > Configuration > Time-sheet Template - Create new Time-sheet Template.

To create time-sheet template fill the information:
Name: Template name
Employee: Employee name
Type: Time-sheet period
    Day by Day: details task for daily time-sheet
    Whole Week: same task for whole week
Start Date and End Date : when the time-sheet is active.(keep empty if template is always the same)
Is Automatic Update ? : check mark if new activity will be put to this template
Time-sheet Line Template: Add project for your time-sheet template

Step 2

Create Time-sheet Template From Weekly Activity

  1. on the Time-sheet Activity Form View, click on button Take Time-sheet as Template"
  2. Go to Setting / Time-sheet Template
  3. Your template will be created

Step 3

Your template will be created