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    Story behind the features


    Odoo proposes a simple expense apps, which implies in practice some complexity for the end user, who need to manage taxes, unit price, product and need to remember which info to add on the description, and some limitation for the HR department, who cannot predefined prices, budget, mandatory info like related partner,…


    Cluedoo proposes an advance configuration for HR department and an easy to fill interface for the end user.
    HR department will have the possibility more configuration possibility:
    - Expense product type: expense refund based on cost price like for kilometer indemnity, required related partner for restaurant with 3rd party (mandatory in some countries), required related vehicle.
    - Budget control: can fix a budget for each product, like Hotel and Restaurant in order to remind company rules to employee for expense refund, with computation of the gap between realized and budgeted.
    - Warning or lock the refund for the employee.
    - Add extra field, mandatory in some countries, like the localization.
    - Advanced process with Submit by Employee, Approve by N+1 manager, Validate by HR department, Post to journal entries by Accountant.

    MODULE +

    Cluedoo add classic expense features in order to have a fully integrated expense apps in Odoo. Cluedoo recommends installation for 100% of company using Expense apps: fully required for medium and big companies but even useful and easy to use for small company once the initial configuration is done.

    The HR Cluedoo modules propose advanced modules for HR department on Expense, timesheet, leave, employee book and payroll.


    Installation for 100% of company using Expense apps.

    Our features as solution

    Product Expense

    Expense to Submit

    Expense to Report

    Expense Report to Approve

    Expense Report to Post

    Pay the Expense

    How to use this module ?

    Step 1:
    Configure Expense Journal.
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    Step 2:
    Create Expense Journal.
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    Step 3:
    Check Expense Journal in Advanced Settings tab.
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    - Product Configuration
    Before creating the expense, you need to configure the product by accessing Menu > Expenses > Configuration > Expense Product

    Product Name : Name of the Expense
    Cost : General cost of Price product
    Internal Reference : Product Code
    Expense Related to Partner : If the Product is related to 3rd Party, ie : Meeting, Entertaint, Lunch, etc
    Expense Related to Partner : If the Product is relate to fleet, ie: Gasoline, Toll, Parking, etc
    Expense Budget : Maximum budget Allowed
    Refund based on cost price : Maximum amount to be refund.
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    Notes : 
    •    Date of expense
    •    Location > location the expense
    •    Expense Description > Details Description
    •    Product > expense product
    •    Vehicle > if the expense product is related to fleet > fill with fleet
    •    Taxes > tax of the product expense
    •    Qty > Total Qty of Products
    •    Real Currency > currency of expense
    •    With Tax Total Price > Total amount on receipt
    •    Total Budget > Maximum amount allowed
    •    Gap > difference between budget and withtax total price
    •    Partner > 3rd parties, if product related to partner
    •    Expense report > the summary report of expense
           Total Excepted TTC > Total amount that accepted
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    *Note : 
    Only submitted expense can be reported.
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    *Note :
    •    Fill the Description > if you want to report the expense on new         sheet
    •    Click on “ Link to Existing Expense Sheet” if you want to add new         expense on reported expense sheet.
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    *Note :
    •    Only Employee Manager can Approve the Expense.
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    *Note :
    •    Only Accountant can post the Journal Entries.
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    Posted journal entries > Waiting for Payment.
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    Pay the Expense (if Payment Mode : To Reimburs)
    Click on Register Payment > it will create the Vendor Payments.
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