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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

When you fill your meeting, you do not get automatically the info in your timesheet.

cluedoo BEHAVIOR

Cluedoo proposes a full version for the meeting management and, in this framework, gives the option to push your hours on meeting directly into your timesheet.

So, the more you fill meeting management, the more you get automatic timesheets.

module +

Timesheet is both a key points for controlling in a lot of companies and a painfull step for employees who have to fill them. 

So, every tool to automatically fill timesheet is a plus for the company. and here, the meeting responsible is filling the timesheet for all the attendees!

cluedoo recommendation

100% of the database using timesheet.

This module is 

Our features as solution

 Create time-sheet 
when meeting is done

How to use this module ?

Step 1

Add create time-sheet button on Meeting. 
When you record the actual duration on agenda and confirm the effective presence of attendances, click on create time-sheet.

Step 2

On timesheet, the timesheet of the employee who attended the meeting is created automatically