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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

There is no restriction to control the hours of a minimum or maximum hours an employee can put on a time-sheet

cluedoo BEHAVIOR
Employees have to record their time-sheet according to their standard working schedule of the week define in your contract type. The "according to" is configured based on your HR Policy and can be Time-sheet hours is equal to Weekly Working Schedule, is less than Weekly Working Schedule, is more than Weekly Working Schedule.
module +

It ensures that the time-sheet are filled according to your HR policy and the contract type of each employee.

cluedoo recommendation
Installation : 100% of the database using time-sheet. With = if the company is working without extra hours and with minimum if the company is working with real hours.

How to use this module

Step 1: 

      Go to Employees, create Employee > create
contracts > on Contract Details tab, click working schedule

Step 2:

Add weekly time-sheet minimal work-hours

Step 3

          User Employee, create the time-sheets on below the minimum working hours

Step 4

          After that click “Submit to manager” then there is warning Minimum Hour

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