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Story behind the features


Employee private address is visible for any Odoo user (public.)


Cluedoo introduces the notion of private address and force the employee private address to be of type private. Then only user with this access right level can see it.


It's a legal requirement to keep the private address of employees confidential. Just a must.

Our features as solution

Employee data with
no private access group

Employee data with
private access group

Private access on user

How to use this module ?

User Admin


Create two users. Employee: has no access to private addresses and HR: has access to private addresses.
Go to Settings > User & Companies > User. Create user without Access to Private Address. 


Go to Settings > User & Companies > User. Create user with Access to Private Address.

User: no access to private address


Login with user that don’t have access to private address and and this user won’t see private address tab.

User: with access to private address


On Employee, this user can see Private Information tab which contains different information such as nationality, marital status, private address, etc.