Advanced Leave Management

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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the feature

ODOO behavior

Odoo proposes a simple leave interface with leave allocation and leave request but with limited automation, which implied manual intervention for the HR officer.

cluedoo behavior

Cluedoo proposes configuration options in order for the HR officer to configure leaves once a year, then ensure that all the behavior is properly fixed for the whole year: holidays are defined, allocation will be done automatically every month and so can be reported on the payslip, employee can request leave only on open leave type,…

module +

Extra feature on leaves: leave type, configure leave behavior based on employee's contract & convention, fixed leave for holidays and company closing, define period to allocate leave / take leaves.

cluedoo recommendation

A must to be on medium and big company to avoid manual operations (and so mistakes) and recommended for small company because, once it's configured, leave management is just simple, both for manager and for employees.

Our feature as solution

Create Types of Leave

Allocate Leave

Create Leave

How to use this module ?

Step 1

On Leaves > Configuration > Working Schedule, we are able to set working times

Step 2

On Leaves > Configuration > Fix Date, we can set fix date

Step 3

On Leaves > Configuration > Leave Types > Action, we have Postpone Remaining Holidays option. When we click this option, it will show the wizard and we can set the employee who has remaining holidays 

Inactive leaves by CRON

1.       Go to Leaves Type, select a leave type, and set past year for this type

2.       In developer mode, go to Settings > Technical > Automation > Scheduled Actions. Search scheduled action Remove Remaining Leave and click Run Manually

3.    After clicking Run Manually, it will inactive the leave type of the past year. To check, filter on Leave Types: Active = is false