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    Group Company Currency

    Convert All Transaction into Group Company Currency

    Falinwa Limited

    Story behind the features

    Odoo behavior : Odoo manages multicurrency at company level thanks to the total in Company Currency but not at the group level.

    Falinwa behavior : if you log at the company level, you can have your data on the local company currency and if you log at the parent company level, you can get your data in the group currency.

    Module + : make a full control of your transactions with analytic account on each of them.

    Falinwa recommendation :

    • Installation: databases in Multicompany environment with different currencies between entities.
    • Recommendation / Best practice: available on sales order, purchase order, vendor bills, customer invoices and journal items.

    How to use this module

    Step 1
  • Create a Group Company
  • Create a Company and put Group Company as parent company
  • Step 2
  • Create a Sales Order / Purchase Order / Invoices
  • Every transaction will be compute into Company currency and Group company currency using daily currency rate
  • Step 3
  • On Pivot View, it will shown total in group currency, total in company currency and total transaction
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