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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


Odoo forces to cancel the journal entry and unreconcile your payment - which is both dangerous and even forbidden in some countries - just to adjust an analytic account.


Your accountant expert / adviser has the possibility to adjust the ledger account of an invoice line without any other modification in your analytic bookkeeping (no need to cancel entries or payment) which is much safer.


Give a tool to cost controller for cleaning the analytic accounting without any intervention on the classic bookkeeping.


Odoo almost fully automatize the bookkeeping, which implies that a bookkeeping assistant can manage 90% of your records just by doing the daily job (invoice, vendor bills, bank reconciliation). However, the analytic account/project are not always 100% reliable and the cost controller need to review - correct them without changing anything in the bookkeeping.


Installation : 100% of the database using analytic acccounting.

Recommendation / Best practice : never cancel a journal entry but just use this module to orrect your analytic account.

Our features as solution

Change analytic account on validate invoice

Analytic account changed automatically

How to use this module ?

User: Admin & Advisor

Step 1:

Go to Invoicing, Customer > Invoices. Click Edit, then on Invoice lines click button change analytic account.

Step 2:

Select analytic account that you want to change, then click Confirm.

Step 3:

The changes will be recorded on message on the bottom of invoice.

Step 4:

Analytic Account also changed automatically on Journal.