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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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              Story behind the feature

              odoo behavior

              Odoo does not propose a layout for VAT and IBAN format which implies that people often put space or dot in it and so stop the use of these number for the official document (SEPA payment, VAT declaration).

               cluedoo BEHAVIOR

              You can design the format you want for VAT and IBAN. Then, your collaborators will enter only the number without any extra characters and will get an format easy to read.

              module +

              Your analytic account structure is a key topic because it will define the whole controlling strategy of your company. This module is a good departure point to have something robust and used on different international companies.

              BUSINESS CASE

              • IBAN in Odoo: FR7630006000011234567890189
              • IBAN in Falinwa Standard: FR76.3000.6000.0112.3456.7890.189 in saved mode and FR7630006000011234567890189 in edit mode

                                 cluedoo recommendation

              • Installation : 100% of the database in order for collaborators to get good habit and not put extra characters in VAT and Bank account number. A must in European database.
              • Recommendation / Best practice : once this module is installed, notice the collaborators on the difference between the Edit mode and the Save mode to avoid any mistake.

              Our feature as solution

               TIN and IBAN format  

              How to use this module ?


              Settings on Languages, have field TIN Format, TIN separator, IBAN Format, IBAN separator 



              Input TIN on contacts, then display TIN automatically that we input before  



              TIN Display automatically on Companies that we created before