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Story behind the features


In v11; if you need to give a special comment or a Tailor-made description of your product to your customer, you need to manually do it each time you sell the product to this customer.


The notion of comment template gives you the possibility to address a special comment with a condition on the product and/or the customer.


by crossing the notion of product and customer, you can really make Tailor-made communication with the customer by using the same product and same catalog with all the customers.


A customer requires that you write his own internal reference on your quotation for a product which is a catalog product on your side.

  • Installation: 20% of the database.

  • Recommendation: upon request, usually when the sales admin is speaking about this recurring issue.

Our features as solution

Add Comment Template in Sale Order Line

How to use this module ?

Step 1

Go to Sales > Configuration > Comment Template, Create Comment Template


Customer: Select customer for comment template per customer

Product    : Select product for comment template per product

Step 2

Go to Sales > Create Sale Order > Select Customer (base on customer that we select on comment template) > Select product base on we created before on comment template, then comment template display automatically