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Track Users Modification

Display message for every change in user form

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : Odoo does not give any visibility about the access rights modifications.

Falinwa behavior : when you add / remove an access rights, it's logged in the messaging of the user and so you can fully track what it happens and who did it. It prevent a lot of issues on the access right management.

Module + : Outlook is widely use but usually only to plan your meeting. Not to really manage your meeting up to the final step which is "Send the MOM out and follow-up the discussion of the MOM". Falinwa meeting management gives you the possibility to really manage the meeting, with in addition the possibility to have extra efficient features to control the cost or the time.

Falinwa recommendation :

  • Installation: installed on 100% of our customer databases. Strictly required to ensure the traceability on this very sensitive topic.
  • Best practice: in addition of the automatic change, it's good to log a note to explain the origin of the request and the validation of the required person.

How to use this module

Steps :
  1. Go to Settings app > Users > Click on a user
  2. On the Form view, change the access group for this user and save
  3. On the message it will show changes the access group

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