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Version: V12
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Story behind the features


Customer invoices/Vendor bills payment means are Cash or Bank transfer but not financial products.


When you use financial tools like factoring, bank guarantee, letter of credit,..., once you receive the proof of document, you reconcile the related invoices and record them as paid by the financial products. Then, you focus now on the financial product recovery.


You keep your Account Receivable / Account Payable clean by making the reconciliation at financial product reception and not at cash reception.


Your receive a bank guarantee of 100k$ to pay all your invoice for Customer X. So, all the invoices of Customer X are paid - nothing is no more due - and you have a bank guarantee to be recovered.


Installation: companies using financial products.

Recommendation / Best practice: It's important to record the payment by financial products because the Account receivable/Account payable both include the cash delay (ie due date management) and the risk of non-payment when the financial products only includes the cash flow delay (ie the due date) but no more the risk on unrecovery.

Our features as solution

User sales can click purpose button
for approval manager

User manager can click manager confirm
to confirm sale order

How to use this module ?

User: Advisor


Go to Accounting > Configuration > Journals – Create new Journal, choose ‘bank’ as the type and tick the ‘Is Bank Provision’.


In Advanced Settings tab, tick ‘Bank provision’.

User: Sales


Go to Sales > Orders > Quotations. Create quotations, select customer, add an item in product and click ‘Confirm’.


Click create invoice and input the down payment . Then click ‘Create and view invoices’ and wait the manager to validate the invoice.

The down payment (percentage) represents only a percentage of the full purchase price while down payment (fixed amount) represents the exact amount to be paid from the full price.