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Story behind the features


Odoo removes the notion of parent in a lot of object in Odoo. Reason behind is mainly that hierarchy structures are usually most complex part of the master data and removing this notion of hierarchy make a simple and easy-to-configure system…


… but a flat system without intermediate levels required for analysis. So, in Cluedoo, we give back the choice to users: you can decide to have a flat and easy to configure system or you can decide to make a robust structure with hierarchy approaches in Account & analytic acccount. Whatever the solution you choose, it does not have impact on end user who always get an easy-to-use system based on the last level of your hierarchy.


Hierarchy is mainly used for controlling and analysis, if you want to have project root and subprojects or if you want to analyze your chart of account at different level and dynamically.


Cluedoo recommends to install the parent on 100% of the database. Then to begin with a simple hierarchy and add complexity with time and according company needs.

Our features as solution

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How to use this module ?

User: Admin & Advisor


Go to Accounting > Configuration > Analytic Accounts. Create an analytic account, select parent analytic account, select customer, then click save.

User: Invoice


Go to Invoicing > Customer > Invoices, create invoices, select customer, select invoice date, add an items on invoice lines, select analytic account, then click validate.

User: Advisor


Go to Invoicing > Configuration > Account Templates, create account template, select parent account.