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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


In Odoo, the ledger account display name <Code> - <Ledger account name> is not standardized with always the same number of digit.


A practice in accounting is to use "0" figure to fix a standard number of digit in the ledger account code. For instance, the ledger account 111 becomes 111000 in order to have 6 figures as any other ledger account code.

With Cluedoo, you can decide to put the exact code in the field "Code" without any 0 in order to easily read the level of your ledger account, like 111, and the accountant will read the standard format 111000. More clear for the adviser to construct the chart of account with hierarchy and easy to use for the accountant.


Installed on 100% of our integration with accounting module. Related module is the Parent account in order to construct a hierarchized chart of account.

This notion of level and hierarchy, which is not available in Odoo standard, is important especially for reporting, business intelligence and consolidation.

Our features as solution

Add Display Name

Add Sequence

How to use this module ?

Step 1:

Go to Accounting > Configuration > Chart of Account – Create new Chart of account. Display name will be filled in automatically – combine code and name. Default sequence is 10. Sequence order is used in Chart of account View List.

Step 2:

Show Display name in view list.