Ledger Account Parent & Hierarchy

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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Accounts Structure

Put parent information on the account

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : in v11; Odoo never proposed an easy and generic way to see a hierarchy view.

Falinwa behavior : Falinwa standard add the hierarchy view as generic, which can be activated on any view as a list or a form view. Then, you can have a structured hierarchy view on any field which has the notion of parent (and so notion of hierarchy).

Module + : by doing it generic, you can use it on the classic view - chart of account, chart of analytic account, product category structure but also on any view you are interested in getting a hierarchy.

Business case : for project control, you need to have your chart of analytic account to analyze your project at the top level then go down in the analysis by sublevel of the project.

Falinwa recommendation :

  • Installation : 100% of the database and to combine with the Parent Account Hierarchy module to have a good view of the whole chart of account.
  • Recommendation / Best practice: be careful to filter on the regular in order to get only the general tree. And take the habit to never put any records on a parent, even if Odoo does not always forbid this record.

How to use this module

View Your Accounts Structure
  • Add parent and child field on account

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