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Version: V12
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Story behind the features


Odoo does not make any difference between qualified and unqualified partner.


Falinwa standard proposes a suite of qualification modules in order to make the following action: you can qualify a partner based on your own definition about required fields to be qualified, then you can decide to restrict the access to some features (for example, sale order, purchase order or invoice) only to qualified partner in order to be sure that you have the correct information before any commitment.


Thanks to this module, you can easily split the prospect database - usually with partial information about the 3rd parties - from the partner database with whom you have contracts, order, transaction and payment which requires much more accurate and detailed info. Moreover, you have the flexibility to define what is mandatory and to define what is the level of restriction you want to put with this notion of a qualified partner.

  • Installation: recommended for all the companies with more than 10 users within the 6 months after GoLive.

  • Recommendation / Best practice: at the beginning, do not put too many mandatory fields in order to avoid to lock the users. Step by step, add more required fields - based on your needs - in order to improve the quality of your partner database.

Our features as solution

On customer/supplier invoice there is approval process
if the customer/supplier is for Unqualified Partner

How to use this module ?

User: Admin (with User: Admin and contact qualificator access)


Go to Contacts, Ready Mat is unqualified partner

User: Billing (with User: Billing)


Go to Invoicing> Customers > Invoices. Create invoices, select unqualified customer, and add a product. Click Validate.


After click validate, it displays warning.


If user clicks Qualify Partner and Retry Validate button, the invoice will change directly to open.

User: Admin (with User: Admin and contact qualificator access)


Go to Contacts, Gemini Furniture is unqualified partner.

User: Billing (with User: Billing)


Go to Invoicing> Vendors > Vendor Bills. Create vendor bills, select unqualified vendor, and add a product. Click Validate.


After click validate, it displays warning.


If user clicks Qualify Partner and retry Validate button, the bill will change directly to Open.