French CoA with Hierarchy

This product is no longer available.

Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Story behind the features


Odoo removed the notion of parent and so of structure from the chart of account - which is simply a list of account and no more a chart.


Cluedoo Standard gives back the notion of parent account and fill it for the French chart of account in order for you to have the whole structure. It's useful especially for BI in order to make your finance report at any level of your chart of account.


Associated with advanced Cluedoo report, you can call any level of your chart of account in the generic P&L in order to have a synthetic view with the required level of details. A must for CFO.

Comment: Odoo tried to give back this notion of hierarchy with the hierarchy and subtotal feature in the report but with only the number and not the full name of the parent account, such a report is not readable.


Installation: 100% of the database. It does not add any complexity and just give more possibility on the reports.

Our features as solution

List of French account templates

List of French tax templates

How to use this module ?

Step 1:

To activate this module, go to Settings, Companies, and set EUR currency on company.

Step 2:

Then go to Accounting, Configuration, Settings. On Fiscal Localization, select French CoA for the package.

Step 3:

On Accounting, Configuration, Account Templates, we will see the list of French account.

Step 4:

You can also see the Chart of Account on hierarchical view.

Step 5:

Moreover, for the tax templates, we can find it on Accounting, Configuration, Tax Templates.

Step 6:

Now we can try to make a customer invoice using French CoA and Tax.