Phase 1: Quick Start 

In this phase, the goal is to focus on a quick and smooth implementation to support the change to a new system.

To do so, we strongly recommend sticking to the workflow of Odoo standard for the primary processes modules (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting) and strongly limit any specific development to highly locking points. Bear in mind that Odoo can be already improved thanks to a wide range of Falinwa Standard modules.

According to our experience, the average integration lead time for quickstart projects is 6 weeks.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Phase 2: 

In this next phase, the plan is to implement the full scope of the project which includes the none locking modules but requires more efforts from both the users and the ERP provider. For example, it can be Quality modules features available but that do not require to be used at the very beginning. When the quickstart integration is done, the users are more able to move the next steps as they are already familiar with the system.

Another example is the Manufacturing module, it takes time to create the products, the BOM and identify the work centers and it has to be well designed before starting to fully use it.

Phase 3: Continuous Improvement and Outsourced IT Management

After the completion of phase 1 and 2, when Odoo is already running and has improved the users work life, we enter a new phase of redefining some business procedures. The recommendation can come from our experience of accompanying organization for 10 years or from the users themselves. It can be very broad, from selecting hardware for Manufacturing Management with Odoo and implementation in the workshop to managing the pay slips and configuring it or even manage the Overtime by automatically computing it from a clocking terminal.

We can also make sure the IT hardware, the servers, the data management is well managed with your organization and help you remove or improve old processes coming from previous or parallel systems.

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