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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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A product has a price defined by the system that a salesperson can modify without any constraint.


A product has a price and a range. So, the salesperson can still modify the initial price but HAS to be in the defined range.


Salespeople keep the flexibility of the system because they can modify the unit price but not only in a predefined range of negotiation.


When the unit price is defined at each quotation, it gives a controlled flexibility to sales department in order to move forward on quotation without requiring the manager approval at each step.


Minimum Price Reduction

Salesman cannot confirm sale order which is below minimum price. There will be a notification when confirming sale. 

Maximum Price Increment

Salesman cannot confirm sale order which is above maximum price. They will receive a notification when confirming sale order

Approval Process

Manager is able to approve quotation with Wait Approval status


Step 1

Before you try the module, make sure you already activate discount and pricelist on Sales

Go to Settings > user & companies > user. Create User sales: user All Documents. Checklist Discount on lines 

Step 2

We can set minimum sale price on product pricelist by clicking Extra Prices button beside sale price on product form view. 
Now on Price Rules, we can try to set Salesman minimum reduction 20% and maximum increment 5% for product Corner Desk Right on Public Pricelist .    

Step 3

Minimum Price Reduction

User Sales: All Documents or Own Documents Only 

  1. Now salesman creates a quotation, select price list, add an item, and give the discount more than 20%.  

Step 4

  1. When the salesman clicks Save, there is warning “Below Minimum Price!” then click ok 

Step 5

Maximum Price Increment

  1. We already set Sales Maximum Price Increment is 5 %. So when a salesman create a quotation for more than 105% discount, it shows a warning

Step 6

Wait Approval

Salesman still can save the quotation for the sale order with minimum price reduction or maximum price increment. But when they try to confirm the quotation, it will move the quotation status to Wait Approval. It should be sales manager who can approve the quotation.

Step 7

Manager Approval

Sales manager can approve the quotation with Wait Approval status

See our Sale Approval module